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UPDATE! Friday, April 2, 2010: Whoo! Got the CD for All in Good Time today! Go look! There are credits... and lyrics! Really! A couple of the bonus tracks (which I didn't have liner notes to compare to) have some blanks, but other than that it's all there. :)

UPDATE! Wednesday, March 31, 2010: Okay, apparently it takes a new BNL album being released to get me to update. Finally fixed references to "New Album 2009" (yeah, I didn't fix that after it became clear it was coming out in 2010) to info on All in Good Time. Although I don't have the physical CD yet, so I'm holding off on lyrics and credits at the moment, I hope it won't take months to get something here.

UPDATE! Tuesday, July 28, 2009: What the hell? A real update? Don't believe it? You should! I just downloaded the new Thin Buckle album Havana Winter, and there are already lyrics! Crazy, huh? In much less upbeat news, Ian McLauchlan, drummer for The Brothers Creeggan, has reportedly died. :(

UPDATE! Monday, July 6, 2009: Halfassed update! Whoo! Still haven't fixed the menus, haven't worked on the backlog, and haven't added more notes... but I did add pages for songs and the tracklist for Havana Winter! Which you can't see, because of the menus. I also dusted off an old alphabetican list for KHTB. That you can see, at least. (Apparently the font I made the menus with is no longer existant on my computer. Will just have to either go with them looking ugly or totally re-do them. We'll see which happens first.)
Update 2: Okay, nevermind! I redid the menus. All is well again. Next time... content? (Dun dun dunnnnn...)
Update 3: This doesn't really count as content, but since I had the lyrics lying around, I threw Slacks in the Barenaked Ladies Unreleased folder. Getting the important stuff done first, that's me.

UPDATE! Saturday, June 13, 2009: The hell? An update? Yeah, as crazy as it sounds, it's true. No, I haven't chipped away at the backlog, instead I did the ETE treatment on the upcoming BNL album and added notes to pages for all the songs mentioned so far! Also, a page for the new Thin Buckle recently announced, Havana Winter! :D ..these aren't on the menus yet, but as soon as I figure out what font I used they will be.

UPDATE! Friday, April 3, 2009: Ahem. So yeah, I haven't updated in quite a while. As for right now, I'm finally fixing a couple things... mainly the list of members in Barenaked Ladies. Steve left the band. Yeah.

UPDATE! Monday, May 12, 2008: Snacktime is out! I'm sure I'll have a full update soon, but for now I'm tired, so I just added writing credits. The book is a nice touch. And a writing credit for Tyler!

UPDATE! Wednesday, February 13, 2008: Oh! So the new children's album has a name and setlist, and I just noticed! The title is Snacktime, and the setlist is listed on the appropriate page. :)

UPDATE! Saturday, February 9, 2008: So... last month I got up the will to plunge into the Brothers Creeggan pile... and I got three songs written up. Then I got distracted and forgot I did that. So... I finally uploaded them. :-P First three songs from The Brothers Creeggan I.

UPDATE! Monday, December 24, 2007: Hey! It's been a long time, I come bearing a real update. I've added a page about Talk to the Hand, BNL's new live album/DVD that came out this year, and a page about a kid's album coming out early '08, including a few song titles! Also, there are rumors of another normal BNL album next year! In addition to this, since I was updating anyway, I added in a few unreleased songs on different artists, including the lyrics to Steve's Overjoy in the TVP section!

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