This is the about page!

Thanks to BNL, The Bros Creeggan, Kevin Hearn & Thin Buckle, and The Vanity Project. Your music made all this possible.

Quotes for songs from 'Everything to Everyone' are directly from BNL themselves, via BNLBlog.

All lyrics are my take on them, and any errors are mine.

Thanks to Colonel Ernie for ALL the credits for The Brothers Creeggan II.

Thanks to EdWannaBe for pointing out a mistake, and Driver for the lyrics to Shopping! (Both from the board.)

Help with the lyrics for War Pigs from Domi from The Diving Board.

Thanks to TuddleJW for the preliminary song list for Nightlight, and to Hypo and KingJeff for preliminary lyrics for Everything to Everyone.

Finally, thanks to YOU for actually coming here, and giving me the feeling I've helped someone with something. :)